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Important information regarding NORBIS course on High Performance Computing in Bioinformatics

16. December, 2015

High Performance Computing in Bioinformatics (course code INF9380) will take place at the University of Oslo from 18th-29th April 2016. Importantly, students from other institutions than the University of Oslo will have to apply for status as and being accepted as, a visiting PhD student, prior to registration to the course. The deadline for submitting this application is already on the 6th January 2016, so if you plan to follow this course, it would be wise to gather all your documents now before the holidays, January comes rather quickly. Please follow this link for further information and instructions on how to apply.

New NORBIS course!

16. December, 2015

The NORBIS course Bioinformatics methods for next generation sequencing analysis will be held by Morten Beck Rye, and takes place at NTNU in Trondheim 19th – 23rd September 2016.

The course will introduce bioinformatic approaches, tools and pipelines for computational analyses of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. Focus will be on analysis methods for coding and non-coding RNA from RNA-seq, and transcription factors and epigenetic markers from ChIP-Seq. The course will cover strategies, methods and workflows used for analyses of such data, including mapping to reference genomes, feature extraction, and statistical analysis. In addition, the biological interpretation of output from such analyses will be presented as case studies from scientific journals.

We will keep you posted for more information.

Call for NORBIS course proposals now OPEN

11. December, 2015

NORBIS hereby invites you to propose and organise a course that will be supported by NORBIS. We aim to organise in-depth method-oriented courses within the fields of bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology.

The courses organised within NORBIS may be of three different types:

  • Core courses: these courses cover methodology within one discipline at in-depth level (e.g. within bioinformatics, biostatistics, machine learning or systems biology, covering sets of methods and approaches central to molecular biological enquires)
  • Combined courses: these courses integrate methods from multiple disciplines (e.g., “prediction in molecular biology”, “dimension reduction”, etc)
  • Interface courses: these courses may cover methods for one particular application domain (e.g., “gene regulation”, “metagenomics”, etc)
NORBIS courses shall ideally be held every two years.The courses organised at NORBIS are aimed for method-oriented PhD students in the fields of bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology.

Would you like to organise a NORBIS course? Please find the documents on how to do it here, and submit a proposal within 29th January 2016, here.

Please feel free to contact us at contact-norbis@uib.no if you have any questions.

If you are not a member of NORBIS yet, you are welcome to join here, and subscribe to our mailing list here.

Join BREW in Helsinki, May 19-20 2016!

10. December, 2015

BREW – Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop – is a series of events organised in collaboration between multiple European PhD programs in bioinformatics. It is open for participation for NORBIS PhD students and is particularly well suited for students in their first or second year – since it gives training in writing of manuscripts, reviewing other students’ manuscripts, and presenting and discussing in a friendly, although international, group.

The next BREW workshop will take place in Helsinki, Finland, 19th-20th May 2016, and the deadline to submit an abstract is 8th February 2016. We will coordinate the Norwegian participation in BREW through NORBIS, so please email us at contact-norbis@uib.no before February 1st 2016, if you are interested in taking part. Note that NORBIS will cover travel expenses for its members!

Please refer to the BREW Helsinki page for more information: http://brew2016.cs.helsinki.fi