The NORBIS public sector internship program 

The NORBIS internship program is now closed for application. The deadline to apply was the 13th of March 2022. 


The internship program gives PhD students from NORBIS the opportunity to try out a professional path outside university through a two to three months internship in the public sector in Norway. 



Internship through NORBIS 

NORBIS encourages you as a member to extend your PhD period by a 2-3 months internship at a public institution in Norway to explore a career path outside university and to establish and expand your professional network. We can support each successful application with salary for the internship period and up to 30.000 NOK in travel and living expenses.  

This semester’s call is closed. If you would like to apply for funding, please check back at a later time and await an open call before you download the application form and send the application and a commitment letter from the host institution to: Do not hesitate to contact us at the same address for further questions. 

Following the internship, we expect you to send us a short (one page) report from your stay, describing what you have achieved, suitable for publishing on our web pages. We further encourage all students who receive funding to take an active part in our school and attend our annual conference. 


NORBIS will help you with:  

  • Financial support equivalent to three months’ salary. You have to take a leave from your home institution/your employer for the time of the internship, meaning that your PhD contract will be expanded by that time afterwards. During the time of the internship, you will formally be hired by UiB.  
  • Financial support for travel and accommodation if necessary. 


You are expected to 

  • Find a suitable host institution (e.g., the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Institute of Marine Research, the Norwegian Polar Institute, a public hospital…) based on your experience and/or interest (inside Norway). If you are in doubt whether an institution belongs to the public sector or not, we will help you to figure it out: 
  • Provide a letter of commitment from the host institution including the duration of the internship (with planned dates, if possible), a short description of the planned work, and the name of at least one contact person. 
  • Provide us with a motivation letter and a CV containing relevant information and experience for the internship.  
  • If selected, arrange for a leave at your local institution (minimum 2 months, maximum 3 months). We will assist you on the practical issues.  
  • Find your own accommodation if your internship is in another city.  


NORBIS internship grant guidelines 

By accepting a NORBIS internship grant you must comply with the underlying guidelines, which are as follows: 

  • Maximum amount that you can apply for (including travel expenses and additional living costs): 30.000 NOK. 
  • NORBIS will cover travel expenses for one outbound and return trip for the internship. The student is expected to book economy tickets and otherwise use public transportation. Travel expenses will be reimbursed by NORBIS after the internship, upon the display of all receipts from the journey. Travel reimbursement form and further instructions may be found here 
  • NORBIS will support monthly living costs during the internship up to 10.000 NOK, to cover rent, insurances and other extra expenses related to the stay. After the internship, the student must document all expenses, and the final settlement will be checked by the payroll office for not containing unnecessary extra costs, which can be considered as taxable. The invoice address of NORBIS may be found here 
  • The student will submit a brief report on the internship to be published on the NORBIS web site. The report should be submitted no later than one month after the stay has ended.  

These guidelines are subject to change.