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NORBIS Summer School 2018

Robust and reproducible practices in bioinformatics programming.

Time: July 30 – August 3
Place: University of Oslo, Blindern Campus, Ole Johan Dahls hus
Organisers: Lex Nederbragt, Karin Lagesen
Registration: soon! 


This year’s summer school will focus on reproducible research, and reproducible computation in particular. This has received increasing attention in the scientific community in recent years, and in this practical and hands-on summer school, we will learn effective methods for collaborative and reproducible research based on robustly written software. Starting from a foundation of essential basic skills, participants will learn the use of more advanced tools that build upon them. At the end, you will be able to

  • develop software with colleague and researchers elsewhere
  • ensure your code always works as expected and does not break
  • wrap your computational analysis in a software container
  • deploy the container on a server or cluster
  • automatically run a simple analysis pipeline using their container


More information and instructions on how to register will follow soon!




Previous summer schools:

NORBIS summer school 2017: “Communicating research by visualisation, illustration and storytelling”, Bergen, 28 Aug – 1 Sept 2017. 

NORBIS summer school 2016: “An introduction to molecular biology, bioinformatics and biostatistics”, Bergen, 13-17 June 2016.