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NORBIS will cover travel related expenses for students attending our events. We kindly encourage all students who receive funding to take an active part in our school, and to attend our annual conference. 



  • NORBIS will cover accommodation expenses up to 1100 NOK per night for the duration of the course.
  • You are expected to book economy tickets as soon as attendance at an event is confirmed, and otherwise use public transportation to and from airports etc. We will not cover taxi bills.
  • For travels within Norway, you are entitled to a daily subsistence allowance to cover food etc. This is currently at 733 NOK per day. From this, you subtract the meals that you have had covered during the course (subtract 20% for breakfasts, 30% for lunches and 50% for dinners). If you are traveling abroad, you may find an overview of the daily subsistence here.


Employees of University of Bergen may use PAGA, the way you usually do, only remember to choose ‘Override accounts’, to  charge NORBIS rather than your own group, and fill in 121200 for ‘Kostnadssted’ and 809257 for ‘Prosjekt’.

Employees from other institutions must download and fill in the following form: Travel reclaim, and send it within a month after your travel, along with scans of all original tickets and receipts, by email to torb@uib.no,

or with all original tickets and receipts by mail to:

Tor M. Bastiansen
Department of Informatics – NORBIS
P.O.Box 7803
University of Bergen
N-5020 Bergen