Admission to NORBIS

Why apply to the school?

NORBIS is the Norwegian national school in bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology. We offer courses for PhD students designed to match international research standards and support PhD candidates to fulfil their PhD education requirements. NORBIS organises workshopssummer schoolsannual school meetingsvisitor and exchange programs, and also have activities directed toward the industry and governmental institutions. Join NORBIS and benefit from a large network and fundings opportunities.


For students

PhD students are admitted first at their respective institutions, normally one of the eight partner university, and must then apply for an admission to NORBIS. The research topic of the PhD student should be within the fields covered by NORBIS; bioinformatics, biostatistics or systems biology. If non of your supervisors are NORBIS members, we appreciate if you encourage them to join us unless they are already a member.

PhD students are welcome to apply for membership at NORBIS *here*


For post docs   

Post-docs working in fields related to those of NORBIS may sign up as post-doc members and enjoy the benefits of prioritised access, and the possibility to apply for partial funding, to join NORBIS courses and workshops. In return, NORBIS expects post-docs to agree to list your project and areas of expertise in a database at the NORBIS web page, and to thereby pose as potential mentors and advisors for our PhD student members.

Apply for membership as a post doc member of NORBIS *here*


For supervisors and researchers

Research groups and/or supervisors with competences and interests in accordance to the school guidelines are warmly welcome to apply for a membership at NORBIS *here*.


Others (master students, or simply interested)

As NORBIS is a doctoral school, we formally accept registrations from PhD students and group leaders or researchers that are active within our fields. Are you a master student, or just simply interested in what we do? NORBIS is also a community. We ask for formal registration for PhD students and supervisors, but everyone working within our fields is welcome to participate to our activities. Just register to our mailing list to follow up with what we are doing!


Want to use our logo as a member of NORBIS? [ddownload id=”257″] it here and feel free to use it for any presentation or poster you make.


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