Annual national conference

Welcome to the 8th and last Annual NORBIS Conference 



Time: 24-28 October 2022.

Location: Rosendal Fjordhotel, Rosendal.

Registration: Is closed! If you like to join the conference, please send an email to

Registration deadline: 28th of August. 

Please note that cancellations after September 26th comes with a cost of 8000 NOK for NORBIS.


Program Committee

Hannah Rose Babel (UiB – PhD student) 
Sophie Fischer (UiB – PhD student) 
Paula Istvan (UiO – postdoc)   
Jean-Marc Costanzi (UiO – postdoc)  
Ines Heiland (NORBIS board)    
Lars Martin (NORBIS board)  
Lukas Käll (MedBioInfo)  
Susanna Röblitz (NORBIS director)  
Lene Tøftestuen/Ragna Breines (NORBIS coordinator)


What to expect during the conference

This is five-day conference is arranged in collaboration with the MedBioInfo research school. The main focus will be on the students and their research, with four themed days from the core of NORBIS topics: Statistical methods and machine learning, systems biology and modelling, metagenomics, and population genetics. In addition to student talks and poster sessions, there will be invited keynote speakers and workshops related to that days topic. In addition, there will be a session on careers outside of university and a teambuilding session with VilVite, the science center in Bergen. 



All participants have to arrange their own travel to Bergen. On Monday October 24th, we have arranged one bus from Bergen airport at 14:30, and one from Bergen city at 14:00. On Friday October 28th, two buses will return from Rosendal, one before lunch and one after lunch, depending on participants flight return times. The estimated travel time is three hours each way. Should you need transportation to/from Rosendal at other times, the alternative is public transportation by ferry. Click here for the Hardangerfjord express time table. Note that the final departure times for the buses will be decided upon receiving order confirmations; the arrival time of flights from other Norwegian cities and Stockholm, and the train from Oslo, will be taken into account. 

NORBIS will cover travel and stay for all its members during the conference and you will be reimbursed for the travel costs after the conference. We will not cover expenses for taxi unless it has been approved by us first. Note that for the conference, the maximum amount we will reimburse for flights and train tickets is 2500NOK per person (unless approved by NORBIS before booking). The order confirmation needs to be sent to NORBIS by September 25th by email to to verify your participation at the conference.


Important information about travel reclaims

For NORBIS members: UiB uses a payment system called PayMe, and all non-UiB participants have to be registered in the system. To avoid long waiting time for reimbursement, please send the following information to so we can give you access: Private email address, Private address, Date of birth and ID number (11 digits), Mobile phone number, Bank account number. 

MedBioInfo members: Send any travel expense receipts to your home department for reimbursement against your MedBioInfo travel stipend.


Preliminary program:

The program may be subject to minor changes.


24th October – Welcome to the NORBIS conference 2022 

17:30                       Arrival in Rosendal by bus 

18:00 – 18:10           Welcome session

18:10 – 19:00           Keynote lecture: “Integrative modeling of biomolecular structures“, Alexander Schug, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

19:00 – 19:50           Keynote lecture: “Differentiable programming for flexible dynamic modeling with small data”. Harald Binder, University of Freiburg

20:00                         Dinner 


25th October – Statistical methods and machine learning 

09:00-10:30              Workshop: Differentiable programming for flexible modeling with small data”. Maren Hackenberg, University of Freiburg

10:30-11:00              Coffee break 

11:00-12:30              Workshop Differentiable programming for flexible modeling with small data” continued

12:30-13:30              Lunch 

13:30-15:30              Student talks 1 

15:30-16:00              Coffee break 

16:00-18:00              Teambuilding with VilVite 

18:00-19:00              Poster session 1 

19:30                        Dinner 


26th October – Systems Biology and Modelling 

09:00-10:30             Workshop: “Dynamic models of metabolic pathways”. Barbara Bakker, University of Groningen

10:30-11:00             Coffee break 

11:00-12:30             Workshop continued + keynote lecture:Dynamic modelling of glucose homeostasis during ageing”. Barbara Bakker, University of Groningen 



12:30-13:15             Lunch

13:15-14:45             Careers outside university

14:45-15:00             Coffee break


Board and SAB:

12:30-15:00             Board meeting (including a light lunch)


15:00-17:00             Student talks 2

17:00-17:30             Coffee break

17:30-18:30             Keynote lecture: “Making of a Drug: Data Science Driven Drug Discovery”. Andreas Raue

18:30-19:30             Student talks 3

20:00                       Dinner



27th October – Metagenomics 

09:00-10:30              Workshop: “From sequences to phenotypic trait models – genomics of uncultivable microbes”. Thomas Rattei, University of Vienna

10:30-11:00              Coffee break 

11:00-12:30              Workshop continued + keynote lecture: “From sequences to phenotypic trait models – genomics of uncultivable microbes”  Thomas Rattei, University of Vienna

12:30-13:30              Lunch 

13:30-15:30              Workshop + keynote lecture: Viruses at the air-water boundary and in the atmosphere: insights from metagenomics. Janina Rahlff, Linnaeus University

15:30-16:00              Coffee break 

16:00-18:00              Student talks 4 

18:00-19:00              Poster session 2 

19:30                        Dinner 


28th October – Population genetics 

09:00-10:00              Keynote lecture: Title: “Genome evolution, natural selection, and recombination landscapes”. Milan Malinsky, University of Bern

10:00-10:30              Coffee break 

10:30-11:30              Student talks 5 

11:30-11:45              Wrap up session  

12:00                        Bus 1 leaves Rosendal

1200-13:00               Lunch

13:15                        Bus 2 leaves Rosendal 



Hope to see you there!





Previous conferences

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6th Annual conference: November 3-4 2020, at Zoom

5th Annual conference: September 30 – October 2019, at Oscarsborg fortress, Drøbak

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2nd annual conference: September 14-16 2016, at Selbusjøen Hotell & Gjestegård

1st annual conference: October 28-30 2015, at Rosendal Fjordhotel

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