7th Annual NORBIS Conference

Time: 27-28 October 2021

Location: Sola strandhotell, Stavanger

Registration: Closed.


Registration deadline: October 1st 2021. PLEASE NOTE: Those arriving from Bodø and Tromsø have to arrive on the 26th due to lack of connective morning flights.

Travel: We expect all participants to arrange their own travel to the venue. NORBIS cover travel and stay for all its members during the conference and you will be reimbursed for the travel costs after the conference. We will not cover expenses for taxi unless it’s been approved by us first.

Important information about travel reclaims: UiB has a new payment system and all non-UiB participants have to be registered in the new system. To avoid long waiting time for reimbursement, please send the following information to contact-norbis@uib.no so we can give you access to the new system: Private email address, Private address, Date of birth and ID number (11 digits), Mobile phone number, Bank account number.

Preliminary pogram:  This year our focus will be on our students and their research. We will also have a session where the focus will be on motivation during your PhD given by psychologist Jan-Martin Berge.


26th October

Arrival for participants from Bodø and Tromsø. Some light food will be served from 19:00. 


27th October


10:00-10:15              Welcome – Susanna Röblitz

10:15-11:15              Keynote lecture. Chair: Susanna Röblitz

Improving mechanistic modelling using machine learning algorithms. Jan Hasenauer Bonn University. Click here for abstract.

11:15-12:00              Student talks. Chair: Sven Le Moine Bauer

Identifying therapy response biomarkers in ulcerative colitis using a diffusion-based signalling model. Amrinder Singh, University of Tromsø

Single-cell MeRIP-seq maps m6A in oocytes and embryos. Yanjiao Li, University of Oslo

Contribution of epigenetic variation to local adaptation in two coexisting and phylogenetically related species. Aruna M Shankergowda, North University

12:00-13:00              LUNCH

13:00-13:45              Jan-Martin – motivation during your PhD 

13:45-14:00              Break

14:00-14:45              Jan-Martin cont.- motivation during your PhD

14:45-15:15              Break

15:15-16:00              Student talks. Chair: Aliaksandr Hubin

Rank-based Bayesian variable selection for genome-wide transcriptomic analyses. Emilie Eliseussen Ødegaard, University of Oslo

Multi-trait GWAS by reverse prediction of genotypes for Alzheimer’s Disease. Muhammad Ammar Malik, University of Bergen

Variable screening for ultra-high dimensional longitudinal data. Andrea Bratsberg, University of Oslo

16:00-16:15              Break

16:15-18:00              Poster session with light snack and some drinks


Dinner at 19:00


28th October


09:00-10:00              Keynote lecture. Chair: Ines Heiland

Evolution of vertebrate intron size. Lars Martin Jakt North University. Click here for abstract.

10:00-10:45              Student talks. Chair: Suraj Sharma

Fish species identification in mixed samples using DNA sequencing and untargeted proteomics mass spectrometry. Madhushri S. Varunjikar, University of Bergen

Brown seaweeds: Saccharina latissima and Alaria esculenta changed ruminal bacterial composition in dairy cows. Ying Yen, North University.

Hg mediated neural responses in a natural population of three-spined stickleback. Brijesh Yadav, North University

10:45-11:00              Pause

11:15-12:00              Student talks. Chair: Manuela Zucknick

Pigmentation Characteristics and Melanoma Survival in Norwegian Women. Ashley Ahimbisibwe, University of Oslo

Phenotypic deconvolution in cancer drug screening. Even Moa Myklebust, University of Oslo.

Phenotyping of Cervical Cancer Risk Groups via Generalized Low-Rank Models using Medical Questionnaires. Florian Becker, SimulaMet / OsloMet.

12:00-12:30              Wrap up 

12:30-13:30              Lunch and travel home