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Propose a course or a workshop for NORBIS


Call for proposals fall 2019 is closed.

Do you carry an idea for a course or a workshop within the fields of bioinformatics, biostatistics or systems biology? Want to invite international experts to give lectures at this event? Then we wish to encourage you to propose a course or a workshop, to be organised with financial and administrative support from NORBIS. We welcome brand new ideas, as well as adaptations of already existing courses and workshops. You will find an overview of our past and current courses here and workshops here.

Our members currently have the following topics on their wish list (among many other):
  • basic and advanced statistics on molecular data (in high demand!)
  • proteomics analysis (statistics and bioinformatics)
  • machine learning
  • high dimensional data analysis
  • evolutionary genomics
  • transcriptomic analysis, including small RNA
  • clinical NGS analysis
  • network biology
  • programming and reproducibility
  • open source data
You are of course free to propose other topics within the scope of NORBIS.


Our financial support will cover travel related expenses for invited and internal lecturers, as well as participating student members. For courses, we will in addition provide a flat sum of 60 000 NOK per course to the department hosting the course, to compensate time spent preparing and teaching. Our administrative support may help during both planning and execution of the course, and will ease the process of making a course available across institutions.

NORBIS courses are ideally organised in a biannual fashion. We encourage organisers of previous courses to apply with the same proposal as earlier, and to please add a summary of the participation and evaluation from the last round, as well as a note describing any updates and changes.

Please read the NORBIS course guidelines here



NORBIS also welcomes proposals for workshops that fit our scope and that have NORBIS members as their main focus. The content and format of a workshop may be less formal than that of a course. The workshop may be shorter, more focussed, closer to frontline research, and not necessarily teaching basic concepts, e.g. with students working on their own data. NORBIS will offer full administrative support of the workshop, and fund travel and accommodation for lecturers and NORBIS students.

Do you have an idea for a workshop within one or several of our fields? Please find the documents describing how to proceed here


Any questions regarding courses and workshops can be directed to contact-norbis@uib.no.