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New workshop on ‘Applied Structural Bioinformatics’

17. August, 2017

NORBIS is pleased to now offer a workshop on ‘Applied Structural Bioinformatics‘, which will take place in Bergen October 16-20. This workshop will provide a practical introduction to popular tools for biomolecular visualisation, analysis and simulations. Lectures will be given by both international and local speakers from the research fields of structural bioinformatics and computer-aided drug design, including the principal developers of Bio3D. Read more and register here by September 15.


Want to organise a course or a workshop for NORBIS?

17. August, 2017

NORBIS again invites you to propose a course or workshop within any of our fields. If you carry an idea for a course or workshop, and perhaps would like to invite national or international experts, we hope that you now will take the opportunity to develop this with our help. It may be completely new, or based on existing events that may be adapted to fit the NORBIS format. NORBIS courses are ideally organised in a biannual fashion. We therefore encourage organisers of previous courses to apply with the same proposal as earlier, but please add a summary of the participation and evaluation from the last round, as well as a note describing any updates and changes.

Our students wish for courses covering the following topics, among others: multivariate statistics analysis, analysis of next generation sequencing data, metagenomics, systems biology and integration of omics data and machine learning. You are free to propose other courses within the scope of NORBIS. Please visit our course webpage to get an overview of the courses that we already offer, and to read our guidelines. The content and format of a workshop may be different from that of a course. A NORBIS workshop can be shorter, more focussed, closer to frontline research, and not necessarily teaching basic concepts, e.g. with students working on their own data.

Our financial support may cover compensation for preparation and teaching, and, in the case of courses, honorarium for national or international experts. Our administrative support may help during both planning and execution, and will ease the process of making the course available across institutions.

We will compensate courses financially by 60 000 NOK per week of teaching. This sum should cover preparation and teaching for internal as well as external lecturers, and will be paid to the responsible department, which in turn will work out the financial details together with the responsible researchers. We will further fund accommodation, diet and travel-related expenses for our students, course organisers and invited speakers on top of this. Read more and register your course here.

For workshops, we will cover travel expenses for our students and internal and external lecturers, but do not offer compensation for preparations or teaching. Read more about our workshops and register here.

Call closes October 20 2017.

Welcome to the 3rd annual meeting of NORBIS 8-10 November!

7. August, 2017

You are all invited to join the third annual conference of NORBIS, which will take place November 8-10, at Sommarøy Arctic Hotel outside Tromsø.

The conference aims at bringing together students and researchers, fostering collaboration between groups. The participants will learn about each others’ research, discuss science, be inspired by keynotes from leading researchers, and improve their scientific network. In particular the meeting gives an opportunity for the students to work on their presentation skills as each student gets feedback on his / her presentation from an appointed panel. A forum for supervisors will be organised jointly with the annual conference. The forum brings the supervisors together and aims to help them improve their skills as supervisors and research leaders.


Note that NORBIS will cover travel and accommodation expenses for its students participating at this year’s annual conference, and that post-docs can apply to have their expenses covered.


You may read more and register here by October 1.

Workshop on ‘Causal methods relevant for registry-based health research’

1. August, 2017


Want to learn more about health registry research? 

The Health Registries for Research (HRR) infrastructure project gives a workshop on ‘Causal inference in health registry research’ in Oslo 30 Nov-1 Dec, and NORBIS will support travel and accommodation for members who want to participate.

You may read more and register here (registration is open until the seats are filled up, so hurry up and register!).