Machine Learning in Medical Bioinformatics

Dates: 11-15 June 2018
Location: Linköping University, Sweden
Organiser: Björn Wallner
Lecturers: Björn Wallner, Ole Winther (DTU), Manuela Zucknick (UiO), Ole Christian Lingjærde (UiO)
Course webpagehere
Application: closed
Workload: equals 5 ECTS

Preparatory work: NB! To join this course, you must complete the preparatory task found here before arrival (about one week’s effort).



Course description:

In this course the students will learn statistical and machine learning methods that are widely used in medical bioinformatics today.

This course is organised by MedBioInfo, the Swedish national graduate school in Medical Bioinformatics. We have a few seats available for NORBIS members, and you may now apply for a seat and travel grant to attend the course, here by May 20.

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