NORBIS summer school 2016

An introduction to molecular biology, bioinformatics and biostatistics

Students within and around NORBIS represent a wide variety of topics, from clinical medicine and biodiversity to statistical inference and mathematical modelling of networks, though many of you may still feel relatively specialised into a few subjects. As a means of creating a common NORBIS environment, we want to provide you with a baseline of knowledge within the range of topics covered by our research school. By attending this summer school, we further aim for you to be able to view your field from different angles, and also easier being able to integrate into inter-disciplinary research groups and projects.

The summer school consisted of four parts (follow links below to view presentations), you may read more detailed information about the school [ddownload id=”716″ text=”here” style=”link”]):


  • Morning primer sessions, with introductory lectures on topics relevant for NORBIS students, each day preparing you for the following lunch session (by school participants)
  • [ddownload id=”1007″ text=”A poster session” style=”link”], where participants presented their own research project


[ddownload id=”857″ text=”Full program” style=”link”]


[ddownload id=”859″ text=”Overview” style=”link”]


Invitation NORBIS Summer School 2016