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Morning primer sessions

Introductory lectures by students:


Monday June 13: Gene expression

Welcome to the summer school, introduction to NORBIS – Inge Jonassen / Christine Stansberg, UiB

What it is all about - the molecular biology of the cell – Vinnit George, UiB

Gene expression measurement – Chinh Bkrong Nguyen, UiO

Statistical analysis of differential gene expression – Agnieszka Blachowicz, Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Why programming for biologists? – Teshome Mulugeta, NMBU

Regulation of gene expression: an introduction to epigenetics and methylation – Anne-Catrin Adam, NIFES


Tuesday June 14: Genetics

Introduction to NGS - what happens in the lab? – Christine Stansberg, UiB

Analysis of NGS data – Roman Spanek, UiB

Design of high throughput experiments – Ilona Urbarova, UiT

Genetics - an introduction – Christina Saghaug, UiB

Case control studies and GWAS – Romain Gutton, UiB

Animal models - benefits and limitations – Liv Østevik, NMBU


Wednesday June 15: Metagenomics

Reproducible research and version control – Boris Simovski, UiO

Molecular evolution and sequence comparison – Oceane Tourniere, UiB

Seequence analysis – Hilde Vinje, NMBU

Introduction to structural bioinformatics – Roza Berhanu Lemma, UiO

Metagenomics – Irja Roiha, NIFES

Analysis of metagenomics data – Yaxin Xue, UiB


Thursday June 16: Modelling and systems biology

Non-coding RNA and regulation of translation – Kornel Labun, UiB

An introduction to supervised methods and machine learning – Antonin Klima, NTNU

Integration of data from different sources – Chloe Beate Steen, UiO

An introduction to co-expression networks – Zhaoran Zhou, UiB

Metabolomics, metabolic networks and systems biology – Elise Moltzau Wanderås, UiB

Monte Carlo, Bootstrap and MCMC; Computer simulation – Janne Mannseth, UiB


Friday June 17: Proteomics

Introduction to proteomics – Vegard Tveit, UiB

Proteomics at the lab – Trung Tran, UiO

Analysis of proteomics data – Håvard Øritsland Eggestøl, UiB


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