BREW 2017

NORBIS is excited to host the next Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop, which will take place in Bergen June 1-2, 2017! The University of Bergen has been a partner in the BREW for ten years, and NORBIS will now coordinate the Norwegian participation in this workshop. We will announce  more information and open registration shortly.


About BREW

Brew is a workshop for PhD students in bioinformatics, and aims to give its students an introduction to scientific conferences, including submission, peer review and presentation of scientific papers. All participants must submit a paper and take part in reviewing papers from other participants in order to attend the workshop. After the review deadline, students have a chance to make alterations to their paper and deliver a final version. All participants will present their paper at the conference-style meeting.

BREW is held in a round-robin fashion each year at the participating PhD programs (Bergen, Berlin, Bielefeld, Hinxton, Helsinki, Tartu). The format is described in the following article:

Giegerich R, Brazma A, Jonassen I, Ukkonen E, Vingron M.: The BREW workshop series: a stimulating experience in PhD education. Brief Bioinform. 2008 May;9(3):250-3. Epub 2008 Jan 23. (pdf)


Previous BREW Events:

2016: Helsinki, Finland
2015: Tartu, Estonia
2014: Bielefeld, Germany
2013: Berlin, Germany
2012: Bergen, Norway.
2011: Tartu, Estonia
2009: Helsinki, Finland
2008: Bielefeld, Germany
2007: Bergen, Norway
2006: EBI, Cambridge, UK
2005: Berlin, Germany
2004: Helsinki, Finland
2003: Bielefeld, Germany
2002: EBI, Cambridge, UK