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Presentations and chairing

Each participant will prepare a short scientific talk presenting their paper. The talks will be of a duration of 12 minutes with additional 3 minutes for questions and discussion. Please take care to keep to this time, as we have a tight schedule. For smooth transitions between the talks, please submit your presentation, preferably in pdf-format, to yaxin.xue@uib.no the night before your presentation, at the latest. 

It is customary to BREW that the sessions are chaired by the participants. For all participants to experience this, we have scheduled everyone as ‘mini-chairs’ for one speaker, as in Helsinki last year. The chair for each talk is indicated in the BREW schedule found in the BREW booklet. The chair person introduces the speaker and the topic of the presentation. When the speaker begins his or her presentation, the chair person acts as a time-keeper and uses prompts to show how much time is left, e.g. 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 0 minutes. When the speaker finishes the talk, the chair person manages the questions and discussions. Here you will find some useful tips on chairing. Feel free to ask the organisers if anything is unclear.