Comparing genomes: Genome assembly and annotation, and hypothesis testing in comparative genomics

Time: TBD April, 2024

Location: University of Oslo or University of Bergen

Workshop responsible: José Cerca (UiO), Ole Tørrensen (UiO)

Invited lecturers: To be announced. 


Workshop description

In this workshop, we will cover the technical principles of genome assembly, annotation, and genome comparison. We will explore the techniques related to genome sequencing, the software and strategies used for genome assembly and annotation. Following that, we will delve into comparative genomics, focusing on fundamental concepts such as genomic structural features (transposable elements, genes, centromeres), orthologs, and functional characterization of genes. Through this, participants will gain the necessary skills to test hypotheses in the field of comparative genomics.


Workshop program

Day 1: Genome sequencing and assembly 

Day 2: Annotating transposable elements and genomes 

Day 3: Comparative genomics, experimental design and hypothesis testing 

Day 4: Characterization of genomic structures, gene expansions 

Day 5: Selection along phylogenetic branches and gene functions


Learning outcomes and competence

By the end of this workshop, participants will be equipped to independently design projects involving genome comparison. They will gain the knowledge and skills to navigate the diverse landscape of sequencing techniques and types, enabling them to effectively fulfill their experimental designs. Additionally, participants will learn to utilize new software and bioinformatic tools, expanding their repertoire of computational resources for genomic analysis.



Knowledge of unix scripting and basic principles of evolutionary theory