Machine learning in Medical Bioinformatics

This course is organized by MedBioInfo and open for NORBIS members. The course is given online in Canvas

Dates: May 17-21 May, 2020 

Organizers: Björn Wallner at Linköping University

Registration: CLOSED. The course is full.

Registration deadline: April 16th. The course is full and all new registrations are put on a waiting list.


Practical information

The workshop will consist of a mix between research talks, the theory behind the research, and actually applying the theory yourself in practical exercises. Topics discussed during the workshop: Unsupervised and supervised learning. Various machine learning techniques, ranging from linear models, support vector machines, random forests, neural networks, and deep neural networks. Please note there is a per-assignemnt that has to be completed before the course.

The course is given in Canvas and material from last year is available HERE. The same course material will be used this year.