NORBIS students


  Name Affiliation Project Fields
  Abdelnour Alhourani
CORE, University of Stavanger
Metabolic applications of graphene Cancer metablism, drug delivery, graphene
  Achal Dhariwal
Oral Biology, UiO
Born in the twilight of antibiotics Metagenomics and Microbiome
  Adriano Winterton Norment, Department of Clinical Medicine, UiO Oxytocin system function in severe mental illness and metabolic syndrome Medicine, Genetics, Psychiatry, Oxytocin, Neuroimaging
  Adnan Gora
Aquaculture, Nord University
Metabolomic characterization of diet induced enteritis in zebrafish Metabolomics, Transcriptomics
  Adnan Muhammad, Niazi
Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, UiB Poly(A) tail length profiling and DNA modification detection using Nanopore sequencing Bioinformatics
  Alex Wardale
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University
1-methyladenosine (m¹A) and 6-methyladenosine (m⁶A) modifications during early embryonic development in zebrafish Epigenetics
  Alexander Hesselberg Løvestad
Department of Life Sciences and Health, OsloMet
Human papillomavirus genomic events and cancer
Genomics, Sequencing
  Aleksandra Szwedo
Department of Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental Engineering, University of Stavanger
Genetic and epigenetic biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease Dementia in Parkinson’s disease, genetics, epigenetics
  Ann-Elin Wårøy Synnes University of Agder Seascape genetics of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in Skagerrak waters Population genetics, Marine Biology, Ecology, Evolution
  Anna Patova
Biological department, UIB
Conservation genomics of North Atlantic deep-sea sponge grounds: assessing diversity, connectivity and vulnerability of habitat-forming species Molecular biology
  Anneke ter Schure Department of Biosciences, UiO
Investigating anthropogenic influences on biodiversity using sedimentary DNA Metabarcoding, sedimentary DNA
  Antal Martinecz Computational Pharmacology, UiT
Mathematical Models of Optimal Antibiotic Treatment Mathematical modelling, Antibiotics, Persistence
  Amalia Mailli Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University Assessing the functional diversity of benthic eukaryotic communities using metatranscriptomics Metatranscriptomics, Transcriptomics
  Andreas Venizelos Department of Clinical Science, UiB Identifying genetic mechanisms of resistance to chemotherapy in human breast cancer Molecular biology, genetics
  Angela Etayo
University of Bergen Development of the adaptive Immune system in ballan wrasse Sequencing analyses
  Angelica Cuevas Pulido CEES, Department of Biosciences, UiO The evolutionary potential of a hybrid species . The case of the Italian sparrow Bioinformatics, Population genomics, Evolution, Ecology, Methylome
  Angelina Sverchkova
Faculty of Medicine, UiO
Bioinformatics identification of mutated HLA sequences to guide Neoantigen-based immunotherapy Bioinformatics
  Anne Heidi Skogholt   Department of Public Health and General Practice, NTNU Messenger RNA (mRNA) as clinical biomarkers for lung cancer diagnosis, prognosis and prediction of therapeutic response  Genomics
  Antonín Klíma   Department of Computer and Information Science and Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, NTNU The role of long non-coding RNA and microRNA in Polycomb and Trithorax regulation Bioinformatics, Genomics
  Amna Farooq
Pathology, University of Oslo
Statistical and integrative data analysis of DNA methylation in mammalian genome Genomics, epigenomics, Tool developement
  Amit Bansal University of Bergen Safety, immunogenicity and effectiveness of influenza vaccine Biostatistics, R, RCT, GWAS
  Amrinder Singh
Clinical Medicine, UiB
Network based modelling of transcriptomics applied to Inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) Genomics, ANN, Machine learning, Epigenetics
  Amund, Berger
K.G. Jebsen Center for Autoimmune diseases, and the Genomics Group, UIB
Investigating the Transcriptomes of Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndromes Molecular biology
  Amy Martinsen
Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Oslo
Genetic aspects of chronic back pain and its comorbidities Population genetics, genomics, mendelian randomisation, polygenic risk scores
  Aram Nikolai Andersen
Dep. of Molecular Cell Biology, OUS/Dep. of Biosciences, UiO Acute myeloid leukemia: Improving the success rate of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Mathematical biology, biostatistics and machine learning
  Arif Khan Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University
Genome Biology of myxomycetes Genomics and Transcriptomics
  Arseny Dubin Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University Immuno-genomic exploration of anglerfish Genome biology
  Aruna Mattanavile Shankregowda
ulty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University
Genetic and non genetic adaptations in sticklebacks Genomics
  Asan Meera Sahib Haja Mohideen Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University Characterization of skin immune and stress factors of lumpsucker, Cyclopterus lumpus Computational biology, Transcriptomics, Developmental biology
  Asbjørn Holmgren
Medical Genetics, UiO
Molecular mechanisms in the etiology of bipolar disorder Transcriptomics, genomics, computational biology
  Ashish Kumar Singh
hereditary cancer group (St. Olavs HF) & Bioinformatics and Gene regulation (BiGR), NTNU
Next Generation Sequencing based methods in genetic disease diagnostics Bioinformatics
  Barbara Niederdorfer Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, NTNU Prediction of Drug Synergies using Systems Biology and Network Modeling Systems biology, Cancer Signaling, Modelling
  Betty Furulund
The Faculty of Biosciences and Aquacultur, NU Non-coding RNA as drug target Molecular biology
  Bojan Krtenic
Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Biology, UiB Structure-based enzyme specificity prediction in the N-terminal acetyltransferase family Computational biology
  Bishnu Joshi Institute of Medical Biology, UiT
Characterization of Bacterial Membrane Vesicles: Future Target for Intervention Host-Microbe Interaction
  Bram Burger Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, UiB Statistical Analysis of Proteomics Data Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Statistics, Statistical Bioinformaics, Pathway Analysis, Biomarkers
  Caroline Øien Guldvog   Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Department of Biosciences, UiO The repeatability of the genomic architecture in a homoploid hybrid species Genetics, Genomics
  Cecilie Bækkedal Molecular Biosystems Research Group, Department of Chemistry, UiT Marine bacterial communities: genomics and their potential use as biotechnological tools in processing of marine biomass Genomics
  Chandini Murarilal Ratnadevi
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen
Methane oxidation by extremophilic Verrucomicrobia adapted to geothermal environments Genomics, Metabolic pathways, proteomics
  Cheshtaa Chitkara
University of Agder/UNIS Protist diversity in the arctic with respect to climate change Transcriptomics, genomics, metagenomics
  Chloe Rixon
University of Oslo
The role of lumican in fibrosis and cardiac remodelling Genetics, proteomics, statistics
  Christian Schulz Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, NTNU Metabolic and Flux analysis of Bacteria to design a flow optimization for nylon production Systems biology, modelling, flux balance analysis, metabolic network analysis
  Christina Johannsen
Department of biosciences, University of Oslo
Characterization and quantification of therapeutic protein species Proteomics
  Christina Clausen
Medisinsk fakultet, K2, University of Bergen
Genomic aberrations directing neoadjuvant treatment of hormone receptor positive breast cancer Genomic aberrations in breast cancer
  Dana Kristjansson
FHI, University of Bergen
The intrauterine redox state and telomere length in the newborn Genomics
  Dani Beck
Department of Psychology, UiO
Cardiovascular risk and brain network function Neuroscience
  Daniel Roelfs
Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo
Brain Network Connectivity and Genetics in Schizophrenia Neuroscience, genetics, psychiatry
DanielaBragantini Daniela Bragantini Department of Neuroscience, NTNU Genetics of Insomnia; towards developing a genetic risk score Moleular medicine, Neuroscience, Genomics
  Deepak B. Poduval Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory, Department of Clinical Science, UiB Investigation of genetic mechanisms of resistance to chemotherapy in breast cancer and malignant melanoma Bioinformatics
  Deng Wei Hai
Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo
The effect of physical activity on fatigue and quality of life in adult survivors of childhood cancer Epidemiology, childhood cancer survivors, physical activity, quality of life, fatigue, psychological distress
  Diana Karina Diaz Cánova
Molecular Inflammation Research Group, Medical Biology, UiT
Hazard characterization of modified vaccinia virus ankara vector: improving vaccine vector safety through empirical investigation of knowledge gaps Bioinformatics
  Dina Jørgensen
Basalfag og akvamedisin, Seksjon for genetikk, NMBU
The genetic background for Pulverulent nuclear cataract in Norwegian Buhund Genomics
  Dinka Smajlagic Department of Clinical Science, UiB Parental and perinatal effects in ADHD and related neuropsychiatric traits Biostatistics, Genetics
  Dhurba Adhikari
Faculty of Bioscience and Aquaculture, Nord University
Evolutionary genomics approach to study pelvic spine reduction in a Norwegian population of three-spine sticklebacks Genomics
  Einar Marius Hjellestad Martinsen
Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen
The mycobiome in COPD: Inflammation markers, acute exacerbations, and participation in research bronchoscopy studies Mycobiome, obstructive lung disease
  Eirik Høye
Dept. Tumor Biology, Oslo Institute for Cancer Research, UiO
Tissue T-cells as Biomarkers of Anti-Tumor Immunity – an Ancillary Study to the METIMMOX Trial Cancer Research, Immune Sequencing, microRNAs, Immunotherapy, Colorectal Cancer, Gene Expression, RNAseq
  Eirini Tsirvouli
Department of Biology, NTNU
Logical modelling of signal transduction systems Modelling
  Elsa du Plessis
Diabetes Group, Clinical Science 2, UiB
Insights into micro-and macrovascular complications in type 1 diabetes Biostatistics
Emil Karlsen Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, NTNU Modeling a microorganism for the production of sustainable bio-cement Systems biology, modelling, metabolism, networks
  Emilie Eliseussen Ødegaard
Oslo Centre for Biostatistics and Epidemiology, University of Oslo
Scalable Rank-based Bayesian Methods for Cancer Subtyping and Molecular Signature Discovery via Genomic Data Integration Bayesian statistics, rankings, MCMC, genomics data integration
  Emilie Willoch Olstad
Institute of Pharmacy, University of Oslo
Prenatal Medication Exposure and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children – a Pharmacoepigenetic Approach Pharmacoepigenetics, Epidemiology, Drug Safety in Pregnancy
  Emily Enevoldsen
Institutt for biovitenskap,  University of Oslo
Using graph-based genomes to elucidate genetic variation in Atlantic cod and their relatives Genomics
  Emmanuel Moutoussamy Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Molecular Biology, UiB Dissecting Peripheral Membrane Binding Mechanisms: The role of Electrostatic Interactions. Computational biology, molecular modelling
EndreStovner Endre Bakken Stovner Department of Computer and Information Science and Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, NTNU Programmable epigenetics Bioinformatics, Epigenetics
eva-lena-estensmo-eva-lena Eva Lena F. Estensmo Department of Biosciences, UiO Applied DNA metabarcoding: Towards a streamlined approach for DNA-based profiling of indoor mycobiomes Microbiology, Mycology, DNA metabarcoding, High throughput sequencing
  Fabian Kellner
Department of Natural History, NTNU
Climate change, ancient DNA, morphology, and population dynamics of Eurasian reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) Genomics, aDNA
  Fábio Oliveira
Department of Biomedicine, University of Bergen
Computational methods for drug-target affinity prediction Computational Biology, Machine Learning
  Fatima Heinicke Department of Medical Genetics, UiO miRNAs as biomarkers for treatment response in rheumatoid arthritis Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Epigenetics
  Ferenc Tibor Kagan
Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, UiB
Comparative and functional genomics of oogenesis and animal-vegetal axis specification of animals Genomics, Transcriptomics
  Francesco Delogu Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, NMBU Back to basics: simplifying microbial communities to decrypt complex interactions Bioinformatics, Metagenomics, Metatrancriptomics, System biology
  Giovanna Monticelli
Department of Chemistry, Bioscience and Environmental Engineering, University of Stavanger
Fish associated microbiota Omics, Statistics, Microbiota, Metabolomics
  Md Golam Rbbani
Faculty of bioscience and aquaculture, Nord University
Characterization of circular RNAs and their expression changes during Nile tilapia domestication Genomics
  Gunhild Fjeld
University of Stavanger Reorganizing metabolic flux: cancer and the Warburg effect Systems biology
  Gunnar Schulze Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, UiB Evolutionary analysis of cis-regulatory repertoires and post-transcriptional control at the brink of emerging multicellularity and complex development Bioinformatics
  Haakon Egdetveit Nustad PharmaTox, Department of Medical Genetics, UiO The effect of pharmaceutical usage on the epigenetics Biostatistics, Epigenetics, Modelling
  Helge Bjerck
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, NU
The Genetic Basis, Causes, And Consequences Of Variation In Smolt Migration Timing In Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Molecular biology
  Hera Kim
Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, NTNU
Decoding the metabolomic reprogramming underlying Toll-like receptor signaling Molecular biology
  Håkon Tjeldnes Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, UiB Regulation of Micro peptides across tissues Bioinformatics
  Håvard Lindholm
Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (CEMIR), Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, NTNU
Identification of new regulators in intestinal epithelial immune responses in homeostasis, inflammation, and infection Molecular biology
  Ina Skaara Brorson   Department of Neurology, UiO  Molecular pathways in multiple sclerosis Genomics
  Ioannis Konstantinidis Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University Hydroxymethylation profiling of protein coding genes and miRNAs related to growth of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) during domestication. Marine genomics
  Irantzu Anzar
University of Oslo A bioinformatics framework to predict signatures of combined neoantigens & transcriptional immune-escape Bioinformatics
  Isabel Sofía Abihssira García Nord University Potential impact of microplastics on the environmental footprint of Atlantic salmon farming Aquaculture, ecotoxicology, immunity, metabolomics
  Ivana Mikocziova
Institute of Clinical Medicine, UiO
Germline polymorphisms in immunoglobulin genes Immunogenetics
  Johannes Jernqvist Gaare Department of Clinical Medicine, UiB Elucidating the missing heritability of Parkinson`s disease: identification of novel molecular pathways for development of specific biomarkers of disease Medicine, Neurodegeneration, Genetics
  Jonas Christoffer Lindstrøm Institute of Clinical Medicine, UiO Methods for intergrative genomics Bioinformatics
  Jonelle Villar
Department of Clinical Sciences (K2), University of Bergen
Identification of Environmental and Treatment Effects on DNA methylation in Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) DNA methylation, epigenetics, schizophrenia, ADHD
  Jörn Lukas Franz Dietze Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, UiT Modeling the human mitochondrial NAD⁺ metabolism Systems Biology
jose-de-oliveira-jose-cerca-de-oliveira José Cerca de Oliveira Natural History Museum, UiO On the origins of cryptic species: Insights from the Stygocapitella subterranea species complex Genomics, Evolutionary Biology
joseph-diab-capture Joseph Diab Department of pharmacy, UiT The role of mucosal metabolism in inflammatory and repairing processes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Targeted Metabolite Identification and Quantification Metabolomics
  Joshua Burton Department of Life Sciences and Health, HiOA Genetic susceptibility to testicular cancer Bioinformatics, machine learning, genomics
  Karsten Øvretveit
Department of Public Health and Nursing, NTNU
Phenotypic plasticity in hypertension Physiology, Genomics
  Katinka Bleeker
University of Agder Population genomics, ecology and behaviour in sea trout Bioinformatics
  Khadeeja Siidique Department of Basic Sciences and Aquatic Medicine, NMBU Characterization of pituitary cell types based on single-cell transcriptomics Bioinformatics, genomics
  Kjersti Rise Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, NTNU MALDI Imaging for the virtual prostate Bioinformatics, Genomics, Systems biology
  Kornel Labun Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, UiB   Bioinformatics
  Kristina Stenløkk
Cataloging structural variance in salmonid fishes Genomics, evolutionary biology, structural variation
  Kristine Løkås Jacobsen
Institute for Health and Society, University of Oslo
Using DNA methylation for estimating biological age, and its applications to pregnancy Epigenomics, Epidemiology, Prediction, Genomics
  Kristine Olaussen
Department of Natural Scienc, University of Agder Seasonality of microbial diversity and function in a coastal system Microbial eucaryotes, metabarcoding
  Lane Atmore
Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo
Using ancient DNA and marine historical ecology to trace marine resource exploitation in the Atlantic (herring and tuna) Archaeogenomics
  Laxmi Bhatta
Department of Public Health and Nursing, NTNU
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Norway; prevalence, classification, hospitalisation, and mortality Medicine
  Lene Maria Sundbakk PharmaSafe and PharmaTox, Department of Pharmacy, UiO Causal inference in pharmacoepidemiology – with special focus on medicaiton safety in pregnancy Biostatistics
  Leona Milec
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University
Population genomics and phylogenomics of freshwater sardines in East-African lakes Population genomics, phylogenomics, modelling
  Leiv Rønneberg
Statistical learning for personalised cancer treatments, Department of Biostatistics, UiO
Predicting synergistic drug effects in ex-vivo combination experiments for applications in personalised cancer therapies Biostatistics
  Lin Jiang
Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, Samfunn medisin og sykepleie, NTNU
Risk factors other than smoking for lung cancer Biostatistics
  Liv Østevik Department of Basic Science and Aquatic Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, NMBU Identification of genetic markers for joint diseases in horse Genetics
  Lonneke Scheffer
Department of Informatics, UiO
Quantifying the impact of germline gene variation on immune repertoire architecture Machine learning, immunology, bioinformatics
  Lucas Elliott
Department of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Reconstructing vegetation communities using time-series, within-species genetic diversity Genetics, Ecology, Metabarcoding, sedaDNA, Bioinformatics
Luis Francisco Hernández Sánchez Department of Clinical Science, UiB Bioinformatics solutions for functional analyses in biomedical and clinical projects Bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, pathway analysis
  Mahsa Jalili Department of Biology, NTNU Obesity, inflammation and appetite Molecular biology, Medicine, Genomics, Proteomics
  Margrete Langmyhr Movement disorders group, Department of Clinical Medicine, UiO Parkinson’s disease – from genetic risk factors to molecular mechanisms and clinical phenotypes Molecular biology, Genomics, Bioinformatics
  Maria Dehli Vigeland   Department of Medical Genetics, Oslo University Hospital AIM – Antibiotic treatment in patients with chronic low back pain and Modic changes Genetics, Genomics
  Maria Chernigovskaya
Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo
Development of machine learning approaches for the analysis of adaptive immune repertoires Immunoinformatics, BCR, TCR
  Maria Martin Agudo
Dept Forensic Sciences – UOS, University of Oslo
New methods to interpret forensic DNA profiles using advanced computer modelling techniques Forensic Genetics Statistics
  Marianne Nilsen Haugen
Natural History Museum, University of Oslo
How to disperse without a dispersal stage? A case study using intertidal beetles Systematics, Genomics, Population genetics, Bioinformatics
  Marie Klevjer
Institutt for sirkulasjon og bildediagnostikk (ISB), NTNU
Improving cardiovascular disease risk prediction algorithms by incorporating genetic markers (COPING) Genomoics
  Marius André Strand
Consequences of WGD on evolution of alternative splicing Whole genome duplication (WGD), Alternative splicing (AS), Genome regulation
  Marta Riise Moksnes
K.G.Jebsen Center for Genetic Epidemiology, Department of public health and nursing, NTNU
Studies of genetic variation in human cardiac troponin levels and H.Pylori seroprevalence in population-based biobanks Population genomics, genetic epidemiology
Martin Falck Department of Biosciences, UiO Epigenetic studies using human embryonic stem cells after exposure to paracetamol and other common drugs Molecular biology, Genomics, Neurodevelopment, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Transposons
  Martin Paliocha
Faculty of Biosciences, NMBU
Evolution of photoperiodic flowering in temperate grasses Transcriptomics, Gene Regulation, Evolutionary Genomics, Genome Evolution
  Martin Wohlwend Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging, NTNU An exercise-based concept for drug target discovery Molecular biology, Long-noncoding RNA, Genomics
  Martina Hall Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, NTNU Detecting relationships between genome and disease states in the HUNT sample population using computational modeling Systems biology, biological networks
  Matilde Mengkrog Holen
Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU) From genome to function: characterization of chitinase function in salmon Functional genomics
Md Abdul Latif Department of Biomedicine, UiB High throughput screening of a miRNA library to boost the bystander effect of suicide gene therapy for brain tumours Molecular biology, RNA-seq data analysis, microRNA
  Melissa Brandner Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University Next generation biodiversity assessment and environmental monitoring of benthic communities using high-throughput DNA metabarcoding Molecular biology, Metagenomics
  Milena Pavlovic Biomedical Informatics, UiO
Using machine learning to decipher adaptive immune repertoires Immunology, machine learning
miriam-gjerdevik Miriam Gjerdevik Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, UiB Genetic association methods for interactions between genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors in family-based biobank data Biostatistics, Programming
  Miroslav Bobrik
IFA, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Optimization of CRISPR-Cas protocols for precise genome editing in salmon cell lines and whole organism Gene editing, immunology
  Muhammad Ammar Malik
Department of Informatics, UiB
Restricted maximum-likelihood method for learning latent variance components in gene expression data with known confounders Imaging genetics, Deep learning
  Mushtaq AL-Rubaye
Medical biology, UiT
The Norwegian vancomycin resistant enterococci study Genomics
  Naz Karadag
Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research (NORMENT), Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo
Identifying shared genetic architecture between psychiatric disorders and epilepsy applying big data approaches and novel analytical tools Genetics, GWAS, Biostatistics, Psychiatry
  Neann Mathai
Chemistry Department, Computational Biology Unit, UiB
Validation strategies of target prediction methods Cheminformatics, Computational chemistry
  Nikita Baiju
Institute of Samfunnsmedisin, UiT
The relation between cancer risk factors and gene expression data in the Norwegian Women and Cancer Study (NOWAC) Genomics, epidemiology
  Océane Tourniere Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, UiB Cell type composition and development of the nervous system in Nematostella vectensis Molecular biology, Evo-Devo
  Olena Meleshko
Department of Natural History, NTNU
Speciation-with-gene-flow in peatmoss Genomics
  Ole-Jørgen Bekkevold
K.G. Jebsen Center for Genetic Epidemiology, Department of Public Health and Nursing, NTNU
Low-grade Inflammation, Mendelian Randomization Studies in HUNT Genetic epidemiology, Mendelian Randomization, Inflammation
  Olena Fedotkina
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen
Genetic factors associated with risk or protection of type 2 diabetes macrovascular and microvascular complications Medicine
  Oliver Kersten
CEES, Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo
(Palaeo-)genomics of Atlantic Puffin populations and implications for conservation Population Genomics
  Paula Berrutti
Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, North University
Environmental modulation of gametes and early embryos, and its epigenetic effects Genomics, Epigenomics, Epitranscriptomics
  Parveen Gartan
Department of Chemistry, University of Bergen
Towards better computational approaches and responsible innovation strategies in early drug discovery: application to antibiotics and COPD Molecular Dynamic Simulations, Free energy calculations, Molecular Modelling, Molecular Docking
  Petra Hribovšek
K. G. Jebsen Centre for Deep Sea Research, Department of Earth Science, UiB
Investigating the ecology, evolution and metabolism of novel deep-sea hydrothermal archaeal lineages Microbial ecology, Genomics
  Petra Kovacikova Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, UiB
Evolutionary origin and developmental relationships of germline, gonads and embryonic mesodermal precursors Genomics, Single cell omics
  Ping-Han Hsieh
Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway, University of Oslo
Developing Computational Methods to Improve Gene Regulatory Network Inference Transcriptomics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  Pranvera Hiseni
Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science,
Use of Liquid Array Diagnostics (LAD) as a microbiome testing tool Molecular biology
  Pengfei Lu Biomedical Sensor Network Research Group, UiO Molecular channel modelling for heart resynchronization Cardiac cell excitation, communication
  Pernille, Svalastoga
Centre for Diabetes Research, Klinisk Institutt 2, UiB
Precision medicine in childhood beta-cell diseases – The effect of too much or too little insulin on glucose metabolism and brain function Medicine
  Pierre Bedoucha
Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, UiB Using normal modes analysis to characterize the flexibility of protein tunnels and channels Computational biology
  Priyanthi Gjerde Department of Clinical Science, UiB Metabolic side effects of antipsychotic drugs Medicine, clinical studies, MRI, RNA
  Prashanna Guragain
Institute of Biology, NTNU
Identification of new genetic markers in sea lice and development of a method for genome editing in L. salmonis. Genomics
  Pål Vegard Johnsen
SINTEF, Institutt for matematisk fag (IMF), NTNU
Statistical learning in Genomics Biostatistics
  Pål Røynestad Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, NTNU Active Site Network: A New Paradigm for Studying the Evolution of Protein Function Systems biology,  kinetic modelling,  metabolism, network systems
  Rafael Riudavets Puig
Center for Molecular Medicine Norway, University of Oslo
Deciphering transcriptional regulation and its alteration in cancers Genomics
  Ragnhild Lereim Department of Biomedicine, UiB Using meta-analyses of proteomics data to identify novel disease networks in multiple sclerosis Molecular biology, proteomics
  Ramin Hasibi
Department of Informatics, University of Bergen
Graph Representation Learning for UnderstandingGene Regulatory Networks Graph Representation Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Genomics
  Ravi Adusumalli Section for Physiology and Cell Biology, Department of Biosciences, UiO  Post-translational modifications in the Golgi apparatus, sulfation and methylation Proteomics, Molecular Biology
  Renée Isabel Bakkemo
Ecophysiology of denitrifying bacteria; at the helm of atmospheric N2O Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics
  Roland Sauter Department of Arctic Marine Biology, UiT Metabolic Modeling of Marine Biomass Conversion Systems biology, modeling, metabolic engineering, bioinformatics
  Romain Guitton Department of Clinical Medicine, UiB Epigenetics and Parkinson disease Epigenetics
  Sabin Bhandari
Institute of Medical Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences, UiT
“Tracking down the SEC factor” – A comparative study of specialized scavenger endothelial cells (SEC) of liver and bone marrow sinusoids Medicine
  Saima Rehman
Faculty of Bioscience and Aquaculture, North University
Elucidating the effects of dietary β- glucans on the gut microbiota and the immune system of zebrafish Transcripttomics
  Salim, Ghannoum
Molecular Medicine at Institute of basic medical sciences, UiO
Role of the Golgi apparatus in breast cancer cell migration Systems biology
  Samaneh Abolpour Mofrad Department of Computing, Mathematics and Physics, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Biomedical data analysis Mathematics, biomedical data analysis, machine learning
  Samah Elsaadi
Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, NTNU
CD39 and CD73, new targets for treatment of cancer immune evasion in multiple myeloma Proteomics
  Shahin Sarowar
Institute of Biomedicine, University of Bergen
Styrylbenzoic acid derivatives to overcome radioresistance in cancer Molecular biology
  Sigrid Børte
Department of Medicine, Institute of clinical medicine, University of Oslo
Genetic and environmental causes of migraine, a large-scale family-based analysis Medicine
  Simon Lergenmuller
Institute of basic medical sciences, department of biostatistics, UiO
Sun exposure, sunscreen and solarium as risk factors for squamous cell carcinoma: Better understanding for better prevention Biostatistics
  Silje Madeleine Kalstø
University of Oslo Epidemiologic and genetic factors in early-onset atrial fibrillation in Norway Medicine
SnorreSulheim Snorre Sulheim Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry and Department of Biotechnology, NTNU Systems biology of Streptomyces coelicolor for its development into an optimized expression host Systems biology, Modelling
  Sophie Fischer
CBU, Institut of Informatics, University of Bergen
Addressing regulatory networks in systems biology with mathematical modelling Mathematical modelling, systems biology
  Stanislav, Iakhno
Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU) Diet intervention, gut health, and microbiome in lifestock Biostatistics
  Stefanie Lackner
University of Stavanger Characterization of functional protein complexes in the photosynthetic electron transport chain   
  Sumana Kalyanasundaram
Institute of informatics, University of Oslo
A computational framework for understanding mutational forces at work on the genome in cancer precision medicine Mutational Signatures
  Terje Klemetsen Department of Chemistry, UiT Perceiving the involvement of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) as a host for prokaryotic microbial interactions. Bioinformatics, genomics, metagenomics, comparative genomics, phylogenetics
  Thea Os Andersen
IHA, BIOVI,  NMBU Ruminant host-microbiome interactions Metaomics, Genomics, Proteomics
  Thilini Gamage
Department of Medical Genetics, UiO
Charaterization of Sim1 KI mouse model Molecular biology
  Thomas Aga Legøy
Department of Clinical Research, UiB
Characterizing and modulating the insulin-producing beta-cell fate in monogenic diabetes by using novel genetic setups Molecular biology
  Thomas Stevenson
Department of Informatics/ Department of Molecular Biology, University of Bergen
Translational Control in Stress and Senescence Genomics, Splicing, Phase Seperation, Stress
  Tingting Feng Department of Public Health and Nursing, NTNU Weight over the life course, weight change and cycling, and interplay between obesity and metabolic factors and risk for atrial fibrillation Medicine, statistics, epidemiology, modelling
Tobias Reiner Vonnahme Arctic Marine System Ecology, UiT Microbial food webs in the seasonal ice zone Systems biology, metatranscriptomics, modelling
  Tor Einar Møller
Department of Earth Science. UiB
Quantifying associations between microbial and geochemical processes in the deep biosphere Genomics, environmental microbiology, deep-sea sediments, geo-micro interactions
  Teshome Dagne Mulugeta CIGENE/ELIXIR, Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, NMBU Identification of regulatory DNA-motifs in the Atlantic salmon genome and analyses of their association with regulatory sub-functionalization between duplicated genes Bioinformatics
tjasa-kumelj-picture Tjasa Kumelj Institute for Biotechnology and food science, NTNU Genome-scale network modelling and simulation of Streptomyces coelicolor Computational biology, Modelling
  Torfinn Støve Madssen
Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging, NTNU
Metabolomic response to breast cancer treatment and physical exercise Metabolomics
  Tuva Kristine Thoresen Biomedical Informatics Group, Department of Informatics, UiO Improved tools for metagenomics Bioinformatics, Metagenomics
  Vanessa Bieker
Department of Natural History, NTNU University Museum Using herbarium specimens to elucidate the evolutionary genomics of plant invasion Genomics
  Vasundra Touré Molecular Systems Biology Group, Department of Biology, NTNU Integration of Knowledge Management and Logical Modeling: new approaches towards Systems Medicine. Systems biology, logical modelling, software development, data analysis
  Vetle Simensen Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, NTNU
Combination of operations research and machine learning methods to use metabolomics data with genome-scale metabolic reconstructions Constraint-based metabolic modeling
  Wenjing Zhou
Department of Biomedicine, UiB
Delineating the invasive component of human brain tumors using brain organoids Modelling, Proteomics, Genomics
  William Denault
Departement of digitalisation and bioinformatic, Folkehelseninstituttet 
Functional data analysis for high dimensional regression problem applied to the genetics preterm delivery using gestational age as a proxy Statistics
  William Hatchett
Molecular ecology group, Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, NU
Reinforcement in Fucus distichus and Fucus serratus Molecular biology
  William Reinar
Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo
Evolutionary and functional importance of simple repeats in the genome Bioinformatics
Xiaokang Zhang Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, UiB Feature selection and machine learning towards systems biology Bioinformatics, modelling
  Xiaozheng Liu Department of Biomedicine, UiB Malignant Exploitation of the Altered Metabolic Landscape in Obese Hormone Receptor Negative Breast Cancer Patients Molecular biology, Genomics
  Xin Liu
Research Department, Cancer Registry of Norway, University of Oslo
Moving towards the elimination of cervical cancer, improving cervical cancer prevention by assessing HPV genotype specific risks for development of cancer and detecting risk factors for cervical adenocarcinomas cancer epidemiology
  Yaxin Xue Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, UiB Metagenomics Bioinformatics, Metagenomics
  Yin-Chen Hsieh
Biosciences, Fisheries, and Economy: Arctic Marine Biology, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Eukaryotic protein coevolution: a sequence-based analysis Eukaryotic protein coevolution, Residue-residue contact prediction, DCA, Computational Structural Biology
  Ying Yao   Centre for Immune Regulation, Department of Immunology, UiO Analysis of single-cell transcriptomics data from immune cells Bioinformatics, Biostatistics Single cell transcriptomics
  Ying Yen Faculty of Life Sciences and Aquaculture, North University
Application of ensiled macroalgae as a bioactive feed additive  Seaweed, fermentation, functionality
  Yousri Abdelhafiz
Nord University Domestication effect on gut microbiota of tilapia across generations Bioinformatics
  Yu Hong
Department of Clincal Medicine, UiB
Neuromuscular junction, myasthenia gravis and relevant autoantibodies Neuroscience, transcriptome analysis
  Yusuf Khan Department of Biotechnology, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, UiO
  Yunsung Lee
Department of genetic research and bioinformatics, University of Oslo
Telomere length and female fecundity Biostatistics
  Youngjin Park Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, North University
The influence of dietary components on the intestinal health of Atlantic salmon Cell biology, Genomics
  Zhaoran Zhou Computational Biology Unit (CBU), Department of Informatics, UiB Lice Base   Bioinformatics, Genomics
ZhiZhao Zhi Zhao Department of Biostatistics, UiO  A penalized approach and Bayesian hierarchical method for the prediction of drug responses and molecular treatment targets Biostatistics 
  Zichao Feng  Department of Biomedicine, UiB
Roles of exosomes derived from lung cancer brain metastatic cells  Genomics
  Zonglai Liang
Sars international center for marine molecular biolog, University of Bergen Explore the function of four members of Anoctamin in Ciona intestinalis Gene function, genetics, neurobiology
  Zuzana Sichmanova Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory, Department of Clinical Science, UiB Genetic mechanisms modulating response to therapy in locally advanced breast cancers Bioinformatics, Genetics
  Øyvind Helgeland Department of Clinical Science, UiB Identifying Genetic Markers Associated with Growth and Obesity in Children Bioinformatics, Genetics
  Åshild Øksnevad Solvin HUNT Genes, Institute of Public Health and General Practice, Faculty of Medicine, NTNU Discovering Genetics behind Psoriasis Medicine, Gene expression