NORBIS Summer School 2021 seminar – Advice to my younger self

Advice to my younger self



Olaf Wolkenhauer


University of Rostock, Germany

Twitter @OlafWolkenhauer



Age brings the benefit of experience and looking back at my job as a professor, there are a couple of things that fall into the category “I wish someone had told me that earlier”. In this seminar, I share some of the things I learned and which, I hope, will be useful for younger scientists. Topics I will touch on include:


  • I wish someone had told me earlier
  • Communicate your work effectively
  • Get organized
  • Master grantsmanship
  • Take project management serious
  • Think about note taking
  • Develop grit
  • Getting things done
  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Seek fulfilment


The seminar is targeted at PhD students, postdocs and junior group leaders.