The third annual conference of NORBIS

Welcome to the third annual conference of NORBIS!


Photo: Sommarøy Arctic Hotel

The third  annual conference took place on November 8-10, 2017, at Sommarøy Arctic Hotel outside Tromsø. 



Program and abstracts:


Practical information:
The conference will start with a keynote lecture by Robert Jenssen after arrival Wednesday afternoon and end after lunch Friday afternoon.

A bus service will pick up participants from Prostneset bus station in Tromsø city centre at 13.50 and from Tromsø airport around 14.00 Wednesday afternoon, and return to Tromsø airport around 15.00 Friday afternoon, so please arrange your flights accordingly. See suggested flights here.

Check out Natur og Utfordring, who will host our spectacular team-building activities on Thursday, and remember to bring gear that will keep you warm and dry during the activities!

Invited speakers

  • Robert Jenssen (head of UiT Machine Learning Group, University of Tromsø): “Deep Learning Research for Data-Driven Health Technology”
  • Torgeir R. Hvidsten (NMBU, Ås)
    “Regulatory evolution after whole genome duplication”
  • Lars Martin Jakt (Nord University, Bodø): 
    “The problems with sophisticated statistical analyses (from a biologist’s perspective)”
  • Samuel Flores (Dean of MedBioInfo, Stockholm University):
    “A computational-experimental pipeline for biologic development”


Student talks and posters

We invite master students, PhD students and post-docs to present their research project during the annual meeting. This is a great opportunity to get feedback from fellow students and group leaders within bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology. The talks will be of a duration of 12 minutes with additional 3 minutes time for questions and discussion. We will arrange a feedback comittee for each session. As we have a limited number of sessions available for student talks during the meeting, we will select 10-12 of them and expect that the rest will bring a poster instead. We will have two poster sessions, on the 8th and the 9th, with a prize for the best poster.



NORBIS will cover travel and accommodation expenses for students participating with a talk or a poster at this year’s annual conference. Master students and post-docs can apply to have their expenses covered, provided they present a talk or a poster as well. We have a limited number of rooms available, and we therefore encourage you to agree on sharing a room with a fellow student.



You may register here by October 1. Please note that registration is binding and that cancellations after the deadline may be charged 2600 NOK.


Please help us spread the word and the poster: