NORBIS International travel grants awarded 2017

NORBIS international travel grants awarded during February 2017:

Name Institution Destination Department Duration Report
Francesco Delogu NMBU Braunschweig, Germany Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research 3 months, Summer-Fall 2017  
Teshome Mulugeta NMBU Zaragoza, Spain Laboratory of Computational and Structural Biology 3 months, April-May and Aug-Oct 2017 Learning advanced analysis of gene regulation in Zaragoza
Mahsa Jalili NTNU University of Aberdeen, UK Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences 3 months, Aug-Oct 2017  
Kjersti Rise NTNU  University of Iceland, Reykjavik The Centre for System Biology 3 months, Apr-Jul 2017 A report from the Center of Systems Biology in Reykjavik
Vasundra Touré NTNU Paris, France Institut Curie and ENS Paris 6 months, Sep 2017-Feb 2018 Integration of knowledge and logical modeling at Institut Curie and ENS in Paris
Miriam Gjerdevik UiB Newcastle University, UK Institute of Genetic Medicine 3 months, Sep-Dec 2017 Developing new ideas at the Institute of Genetic Medicine in Newcastle
Anna Frank UiO  Cornell University, New York, USA Department of Biological Statistics and Computationl Biology 6 months, Jan-Jun 2018  
Aliaksandr Hubin UiO Medical University of Vienna, Austria Department of Medical Statistics 3 months, Sep-Dec 2017 An autumn with Bayesian approaches in Vienna
Chloe B. Steen UiO Stanford University School of Medicine, San Fransisco, USA Department of Medicine and Stanford Cancer Institute  6 months, Aug 2017-Jan 2018