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Registration open for MedBioInfo conference 2023

10. May, 2023

We are now happy to announce that the registration for the MedBioInfo conference is open!

The conference will be handled in total by MedBioInfo. NORBIS offers up to 25 PhD students and postdocs to join this conference. PhD students will be prioritized. Please click the link below for more information.

MedBioInfo conference 2023

Save the date! NORBIS-CEDAS summer school 2023

20. April, 2023



It’s time to save the date for the upcoming sommer school! This year we are collaborating with CEDAS, Center for Data Science at UiB. The summer school will be arranged in Bergen and the dates are 7-11 of August, 2023. Program and registration will be ready soon. So save the date!

Report from Petra Hribovšek on her three months internship experience at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen

14. April, 2023

Last year NORBIS developed an internship program for PhD students who are looking into jobs outside of academia. In this internship program, successful applicants got a scholarship covering three months of salary and living expenses (if needed) working within the public sector in Norway.

NORBIS member Petra Hribovšek was one of the successful candidates and she spent her three months internship at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen.

“I value this experience, and it is certainly a privilege to do this kind of thing. In an ideal world, everyone working towards their PhD should have the option to do such an internship and I hope this can become more accessible in the future. Given the short period, I recommend others to plan their stay and communicate the plan with your internship host as much as possible in advance. This helps to make the most out of one’s internship and to learn to be flexible when changes to the plan occur, as they most likely will.”
Read more about Petra’s experience at the Institute of Marine Research HERE.

Sophie Fisher-Holzhausen reports from the NORBIS public sector internship program

14. April, 2023

Last year NORBIS developed an internship program for PhD students who are looking into jobs outside of academia. In this internship program, successful applicants got a scholarship covering three months of salary and living expenses (if needed) working within the public sector in Norway. One of the successful applicants was Sophie Fisher-Holzhausen who spent her three months internship at the  Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) in Oslo. 

“For me personally, it was valuable to take a break from my PhD work because it allowed me to change my perspective and reevaluate my goals. Furthermore, with this internship, I expanded my professional network as well as my skill set, which was extremely helpful for me when looking for a new position after my PhD.

In summary, I am grateful for the opportunity that has been provided to me by the NORBIS public sector internship programme.”

Read more about Sophie’s experience at NIPH HERE.


Report from Thea Os Andersen on her international exchange to Brisbane, Australia

13. April, 2023

NORBIS PhD student member Thea Os Andersen wrote a successful application to our International Exchange call last year and she is now back in Norway after her exchange to Brisbane, Australia.

“It’s never too late to go on exchange, to learn new things and experience a different scientific environment. I’m grateful for the support I received from NORBIS that allowed me to gain a lot of new perspectives, both related to my research and personal life, in addition to a broad network of scientists from all over the world that I hope to keep in touch with for future collaborations.”

 Read more about her experiences HERE.


Dissertation for Xiaokang Zhang!

28. October, 2020

Friday 30th at 10:15, NORBIS PhD member Xiaokang Zhang is defending his PhD thesis entitled “Biomarker Discovery Using Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches on Gene Expression Data”.

NORBIS congratulates!

To follow his defense, see who have defended their thesis lately and who will be next, please see our Dissertation site.

6th NORBIS Annual Conference

28. October, 2020

The 6th NROBIS Annual Conference will due to the Covid-19 situation be different than normal years. This year we will organize the conference as a hybrid meeting over one and a half days. We plan for the meeting to be streamed online and the different partner institutions that can, arrange a local gathering for those who will/can meet in person.  This depends on local restrictions.

We also want to encourage supervisors and other researchers to join our meeting, both to facilitate discussion across several levels of experience, to inspire our students, and to increase your own national network.

We have student talks, poster sessions and keynote speakers. See program HERE.

Boston University research stay by Snorre Sulheim

22. October, 2020

Last winter I was able to spend 6 months at the Daniel Segrè lab  at Boston University thanks to financial support from NORBIS and SINTEF. I arrived on October 1st 2019, in time to enjoy the fall season with beautiful colors, nice weather and good opportunities to explore Boston.

Because I found it difficult to decide on a long-term housing option prior to my arrival I spent the first 10 days in an AirBnB that was a bit too far from the city center. Due to the extreme number of Universities in Boston housing is very expensive, and it was difficult to find something that was acceptable with respect to price and standard. After nearly being scammed twice in my effort to find an apartment on craigslist, I finally found a reasonable long-term flat through https://junehomes.com/  that I shared with 5 other. This worked surprisingly well.

Figure 1: Watching Boston Bruins beat Vancouver Canucks at TD garden.

Daniel Segrè hosts a moderately sized group (8 PhDs and 2 researchers) that works both experimental and computational aspects of microbes and microbial interactions. The quality of their work was impressive and it was very motivating to collaborate closely with these people. I learnt a lot of microbiology and ecology from the group meetings and journal clubs. Another cool aspect of working at Boston University is the proximity to other top-notch research institutions and therefore easy access a lot of relevant conferences, meetings or other research groups. To get the most out of my research stay I wanted engage in their ongoing projects and I ended up studying the fascinating phototrophic marine bacteria Prochlorococcus (preprint on BioRxiv) using an updated genome-scale metabolic model. To understand how the metabolism of Prochlorococcus is affected by nutrient limitations and diel cycles we simulated growth using COMETS. To facilitate these simulations we developed light absorption and time-dependent light availability as new features in COMETS (read about the recent COMETS release on arXiv).

My research stay ended abruptly with the arrival of covid-19, but I was satisfied with my stay. I can highly recommend a research exchange to Boston. I addition to great science, Boston also offers an active running community and reasonable access to (disappointing) skiing in winter. The public transport is average, the traffic is one of the worst in US, but the city is small enough that you can easily bike anywhere. By a refurbished race bike at https://bikesnotbombs.org/ if you want to get the most out of your stay.

Figure 2: There is also good skiing in North America, but not close to Boston.

New director of NORBIS

16. October, 2020

NORBIS has gotten a new director!



On October 1st, professor Susanna Röblitz took over the position as director of NORBIS. Susanna is a group leader at Computational Biology Unit (CBU) at University of Bergen (UiB). Her research group focuses on the construction, simulation, analysis and optimization of dynamic, mathematical models for biological and biochemical processes on different levels of organization. You can read more about Susanna and her research at CBU and UiB.


We would like to thank our former NORBIS director, professor Inge Jonassen, and we are happy that he will continue to be a part of the NORBIS family as a member of our scientific advisory board (SAB).

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