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Invitation to propose courses and workshops for NORBIS

23. June, 2016

Skrevet av: Publisert: Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

NORBIS aims to organise in-depth courses and shorter workshops for method-oriented PhD students within the fields of bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology.

If you carry an idea for a course or a workshop that falls within our fields, we hope that you now will take the opportunity to develop this with our help. Courses and workshops may be completely new, or based on existing events that may be adapted to fit the NORBIS format.

Our financial support may cover compensation for preparation and teaching, and, in the case of courses, honorarium for national or international experts. Our administrative support may help during both planning and execution, and will ease the process of making the course available across institutions.

Our students wish for courses covering the following topics, among others: multivariate statistics analysis, analysis of next generation sequencing data, metagenomics, systems biology and integration of omics data and machine learning. You are free to propose other courses within the scope of NORBIS. Please visit our course webpage to get an overview of the courses that we already offer.

We will compensate courses financially by 60 000 NOK per week of teaching. This sum should cover preparation and teaching for internal as well as external lecturers, and will be paid to the responsible department, which in turn will work out the financial details together with the responsible researchers. We further cover travel expenses for NORBIS-students and lecturers participating at both courses and workshops.


Would you like to organise a NORBIS event? Read more and submit a course proposal here, or a workshop proposal here, by 9th September 2016.



The NORBIS board decides which courses and workshops that will be supported.


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