Nine international travel grants awarded!

The first NORBIS international travel grants have now been awarded!

In this very first round of grant applications, the NORBIS board has decided to generously award a total of 450 000 NOK, to support the research exchange of nine NORBIS PhD students. Each student will receive funding corresponding to the newly established NORBIS international travel grant guidelines, which may be found here.

The nine successful student are as follows:

Name Institution Destination Department Duration
Francesco Delogu NMBU Braunschweig, Germany Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research 3 months, Summer-Fall 2017
Teshome Mulugeta NMBU Zaragoza, Spain Laboratory of Computational and Structural Biology 3 months, April-May and Aug-Oct 2017
Mahsa Jalili NTNU University of Aberdeen, UK Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences 3 months, Aug-Oct 2017
Kjersti Rise NTNU  University of Iceland, Reykjavik The Centre for System Biology 3 months, Apr-Jul 2017
Vasundra Touré NTNU Paris, France Institut Curie and ENS Paris 6 months, Sep 2017-Feb 2018
Miriam Gjerdevik UiB Newcastle University, UK Institute of Genetic Medicine 3 months, Sep-Dec 2017
Anna Frank UiO  Cornell University, New York, USA Department of Biological Statistics and Computationl Biology 6 months, Jan-Jun 2018
Aliaksandr Hubin UiO Medical University of Vienna, Austria Department of Medical Statistics 3 months, Sep-Dec 2017
Chloe B. Steen UiO Stanford University School of Medicine, San Fransisco, USA Department of Medicine and Stanford Cancer Institute  6 months, Aug 2017-Jan 2018


We wish you all good luck, and look forward to reading your reports when you return!

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