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Want to learn how to write reproducible workflows? Join our introduction to Snakemake!

31. March, 2017

Skrevet av: Publisert: Friday, March 31st, 2017

We are now happy to announce a workshop that may make lives easier for some of you! Registration is now open for our next workshop, entitled ‘An introduction to Snakemake: Writing reproducible bioinformatics workflows‘, which will take place at NTNU in Trondheim, June 12-16 2017. 

Snakemake is a combination of the languages Python and Make. Python is famous for being easy to read, write and use, whereas Make is a robust system for creating reproducible workflows. Make is unfortunately inflexible and hard to use. Snakemake aims for the best of both worlds: it is a robust language and system to create reproducible workflows that is easy to read, write and learn. Snakemake makes it easy to incorporate all aspects of a modern bioinformatics pipeline into one workflow. It also allows you to use the three most popular bioinformatics languages together: Snakemake uses the Python language natively, and has excellent support for incorporating R and shell.
Please read more and register here, by 2nd May.


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