NORBIS wants to promote contacts with industries in Norway

As part of NORBIS, our PhD students and members may have the opportunity to be part of an exchange with the private sector in Norway. We would like to encourage the exchange of knowledge from our young researchers to private companies and vice versa. Each exchange shall be tailor-made for a member and a company, depending on each side motivations, competences and interests.

Projects shall be research related, methodology related or promote transferable skills.

The global aim of the program is to promote research, science and innovation in Norway and make our PhD students more competitive on the job market after they graduate with their PhDs.

Would you like to propose a placement for one of our member in our company? Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss project possibilities.

Are you a NORBIS member and would like to be part of an exchange with a company? Let us know about it!

A full program description is available for download [ddownload id=”308″ style=”link” text=”here”].

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