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Are you interested in writing popular science? Our blog is the place to do it. Get your work known and write about it in a creative and engaging way. We organise regular meetings and provide a place where you can discuss ideas, develop writing and storytelling skills. We welcome everyone to participate: from bachelor to PhD students, post-docs and researchers!

How does it work? We meet on a weekly basis, discuss and develop ideas. At the first meeting, we talk about ideas and reflect on those. Writers present the outline of an article at the second meeting, where you can further elaborate your ideas. At the third meeting, the version 1.0 of the article is discussed: how does it read? What can you add to it? Your article will be ready at the 4th meeting after proof-reading by one of your peer! You are writing to a general audience with a genuine interest in science. The articles will be easy to read and engaging!

Please contact us at norbis-contact at uib.no if you are interested! Technology is allowing us to organise e-meetings, so don’t be shy! You also have the possibility to organise meetings and create a writing club at your own university if you wish. We welcome initiatives from all partners universities!

We hope to have many new contributors and articles coming in the future!

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