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Applied Structural Bioinformatics


Dates: October 16-23
Location: University of Bergen
Organisers: Lars Skjærven (UiB)
Registration: Closed.
Limited number of seats available, NORBIS members will have priority.


For more detailed information, please visit the workshop website here.



This workshop will provide a practical introduction to popular tools for biomolecular visualisation, analysis and simulations. Lectures will be given by both international and local speakers from the research Oelds of structural bioinformatics and computer-aided drug design, including the developers of Bio3D and LigandScout.

Main topics:

  • Protein structure visualization and analysis
  • Homology modelling and structure prediction
  • Computer-aided drug design
  • Protein dynamics and flexibility
  • Data analysis and plotting with R


Learning outcomes and competence

This course will give participants an introduction to basic investigation of biomolecular structures (in particular proteins). We focus on methods providing insight to the protein sequence-structure-function relationship with emphasis on human disease and drug development. During this 5-day long workshop the participants will get to know a variety of software solutions at a level needed to perform basic tasks for their own research activity. We specifically aim at using free software solutions facilitating their broad use after the course.



The course is intended for MSc, PhD, and Post Doc level participants that have basic knowledge on protein structure from the fields of biology, molecular biology, biomedicine or bioinformatics, and want to get an introduction to computational tools for use in their research. A medium level of computer skills is required, as we will be using a combination of online tools, windows-based programs, and command-line based programs.