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BREW 2018: The 16th Bioinformatics Research and Education Workshop

Dates: 7-8 May

Location: Bielefeld, Germany


BREW is a workshop for early stage PhD students in bioinformatics and computational biology, and aims to give an introduction to scientific conferences, including submission, peer review and presentation of scientific papers. All participants must submit a paper and take part in reviewing papers from other participants in order to attend the workshop. After the review deadline, students have a chance to make alterations to their paper and deliver a final version. All participants will present their paper at the conference-style meeting.

BREW is organised annualy in a round-robin fashion, at the participating PhD programs (Bergen, Berlin, Bielefeld, Helsinki, Tartu). You may read an excellent summary of BREW 2016 in Helsinki here.


BREW 2018 will take place in Bielefeld, Germany, 7-8 May. Please find more information such as submission channel, paper guidelines and final program at the official webpage here. The program will consist consists of the talks given by the participating students and several invited speakers, as well as social events.

NORBIS will coordinate the Norwegian participation in BREW. If you are interested in joining, please let us know at contact-norbis@uib.noby 11th February. The workshop is free of charge and local expenses will be covered by the local organisers, while NORBIS will cover your travel expenses.


Important dates:

  • February 11 – Local regiatration with NORBIS
  • February 18 – Abstract submission deadline.
  • March 11 – Paper submission deadline.
  • March 25 – Review deadline
  • April 29  – Deadline for final version of paper
  • May 7-8 – Workshop in Bielefeld, Germany



BREW is open for students and supervisors from PhD programs in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in participating universities. The University of Bergen has been a partner in the BREW for ten years, and NORBIS will now coordinate the Norwegian participation in this workshop. Within Norway, we therefore welcome all members of NORBIS to apply

The workshop is free of charge and local expenses will be covered by the local organisers, while NORBIS will cover your travel expenses.


Previous BREW Events:

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2017: Bergen, Norway
2016: Helsinki, Finland
2015: Tartu, Estonia
2014: Bielefeld, Germany
2013: Berlin, Germany
2012: Bergen, Norway.
2011: Tartu, Estonia
2009: Helsinki, Finland
2008: Bielefeld, Germany
2007: Bergen, Norway
2006: EBI, Cambridge, UK
2005: Berlin, Germany
2004: Helsinki, Finland
2003: Bielefeld, Germany
2002: EBI, Cambridge, UK