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Control Engineering Concepts in Systems- and Synthetic Biology

Time: May 20-21st

Course responsible: Peter Ruoff, Tormod Drengstig and Kristian Thorsen (UiS)

Location: Måltidets hus, University of Stavanger

Registration and information through DLN webpage HERE.

NORBIS and the Digital Life Norway research school (https://digitallifenorway.org/dlnrs) are co-funding this workshop and NORBIS PhD members will receive travel support. NORBIS postdoc members can apply for travel support.

About this workshop:

Understanding principles of how biological systems maintain their function in response to environmental perturbations is fundamental to understand the physiology of organisms, how to manipulate them in a biotechnological context, or how to re-establish homeostatic control in disease. Principles from control engineering have been applied to derive fundamental understanding of how control is achieved or may become disrupted in biological systems. Conversely, biological systems may provide ideas of novel means to create robust regulatory mechanisms that can improve engineering. The workshop aims to present basic principles as well as novel developments in this field. It also aims to show how control engineering principles can be linked to mechanistic molecular kinetics. Thus, quantitative measures of control can be formulated in terms of molecular properties. This will allow a quantitative description of how molecular mechanisms are orchestrated to maintain control.