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Introductory workshop in science illustrations

15. October, 2019

Introductory workshop in science illustrations

This course will introduce the theory and method of how to visually represent your scientific research. More information HERE.

Computational Approaches in Transcriptome Analysis (CATA)

22. January, 2019

This five day course will familiarise students with state-of-the-art computational tools and methods for analysing transcriptomes. This will include data generated using well established technologies such as microarrays and short-read bulk-RNA sequencing, as well as data generated using new emerging technologies, such as single-cell and long-read RNA-sequencing. More information and registration HERE.

Collaborative scientific software development

13. December, 2018

NORBIS collaborates with Digital Life Norway about this new workshop in how to work collaborative in scientific software development. What comes next once you’re comfortable with the syntax of a programming language or two, and have written some small programs for yourself? Once a project grows to a certain size, factors beyond the immediate programming task take more and more time, and the social aspects of software development become more important.

Workshop in Creating Scientific Illustrations

12. November, 2018

Do you want to use illustrations as an effective communication tool? Learn the essentials of graphic design and visual communication theory, drawing by hand and drawing digitally during this one week course with Pina Kingman. This is a course in collaboration between NORBIS, DEEP, CHESS,  ForBio, IBA and Digital Life. The course will start in seminar room 2 at the mathematical department (Allegaten 41) and continue at the Geophysical Institute (Allegaten 70) for the rest of the course. For more information and registration HERE.

Modelling living systems – From foundational problems to applications

2. October, 2018

NORBIS collaborates with Digital Life Norway about this new workshop in how to model living systems. Organisms are complex systems and if you are working with modeling living systems than this it the workshop for you! We encourage you to present your models during the workshop for discussions. More information and registration HERE.

Your academic career: building your academic CV and writing successful project proposals

18. April, 2018

To successfully continue with an academic career there are many specific skills you will need to acquire and common pitfalls to avoid. How can you succeed with your project proposals, how to find that right project idea and what is important to remember, already during your PhD, when it comes to building up your CV? Join our academic career course and get a head start on finding the key to academic success.

During our academic career course you will learn:

  • what to consider when applying for funding
  • how to build up your academic CV
  • the role of mobility and international networks in your career
  • how to plan and draft a proposal (where to start, how to structure, how the reviewers are making their decisions)
  • the technical proposal-writing techniques

Read more and register here by June 10

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